Scan 6: Zebra (Motorola/Symbol) MC9200-G

MSRP: $95.00
Compatible with these brands: Motorola for product

Case Options


  • Weather proofing for both wet and cold environments
  • Increased protection for screen, keypad, and scanner port
  • High visibility materials

This case is ideal for all environments including Warehousing, Manufacturing, Retail, Resource Industries, Logistics and Transportation.

The case and swivel belt are fabricated using very rugged materials including, heavy-duty nylon webbing and System Wear’s unique, custom made high-density foam material, and offers durable plastic reinforcement at high stress points.


How to Buy





  • Case offers protection at all times, whether it is in use or attached to the optional swivel belt holster.
  • Includes a shoulder strap as well as a flexible clip that slides into a belt, waistband or the optional swivel holster which is worn around the waist.
  • Comfort and ease of use ensures that the scanner is kept on the employee, thereby preventing loss and damage to the device.
  • Can be customized to specific environments, as can all other scanner case designs.