Scan 6L Short: Zebra (Motorola/Symbol) MC9200-G

MSRP: $65.00
Compatible with these brands: Zebra for product

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The System Wear Scan6L-Short case for Zebra (Motorola / Symbol) MC9000-G series has been designed using our custom made high-density foam material. It is ideal for environments including Healthcare, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Retail.


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  • Terminal can be charged with the case on the device by simply opening the closure strap at the base of the case
  • Low profile design eliminates the added bulkiness of traditional cases while still providing added protection and ergonomic benefits
  • Exterior finish will withstand extensive abuse and can be cleaned with many industrial strength cleaners, including healthcare disinfectants and automotive cleaners
  • Molded one-piece design eliminates most of the binding and sewing used in traditional case design. This means less wear and tear and reduced collection of bacteria, particularly useful in healthcare environments
  • The Flexiclip provides a flexible attachment system that fits into pockets, belts and waistbands or the optional swivel holster which is worn around the waist
  • Case offers protection at all times, whether it is in use or attached to the user
  • Comfort and ease of use ensures that the scanner is kept on the employee, thereby preventing loss and damage to the device