MC12: Cisco 8821G

MSRP: $52.00
Compatible with these brands: Cisco for product

Clip Options

Case Options


Different accessory options provide a variety of alternatives for device management including; single belt loop, holster attachment and clips that do not require belts. Custom attachments can be produced for virtually any environment.

The System Wear MC12 case adds protection, ergonomics and versatility to the phone making it ideal for all types of environments including Healthcare, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Retail. The case has been designed using our custom made high-density foam material which covers the back and sides of the phone. The face of the case has a clear window allowing users to view the display and access the keypad. On the back the case has the user’s chosen clip option as well as a D-ring for optional security attachments.





  • Exterior finish will withstand extensive abuse and can be cleaned with many industrial strength cleaners, including healthcare disinfectants and automotive cleaners.
  • Foam has substantial resilience and the thickness ensures excellent drop protection.
  • Molded one-piece design eliminates most of the binding and sewing used in traditional case design. This means less wear and tear and reduced collection of bacteria, particularly useful in healthcare environments.
  • Multiple clip options available for users with or without belts.