Your company or your customer (if you are a reseller) has just made a huge investment in a mobile computer hardware system or a new phone system.

When this system was introduced was there any consideration as to how these devices would be carried and managed? Maybe there was and maybe there wasn't.

In many situations the buyer is issued a standard case that is from the manufacturer but beyond that not much thought goes into how these devices will be carried.

Often what happens is the devices will be used for awhile then issues start to arise like cases breaking, devices being lost, the users finding it uncomfortable for them to wear these devices all day...

System Wear works with businesses in every type of industry to help resolve many issues around how to manage these wireless devices that many companies use.

Reasons to consider a custom designed case:

    1. OEM cases aren’t standing up to all the wear and tear and you need something more rugged that will last longer and has a better warranty on the case.
    2. Your employees don’t find the current carrying set up comfortable for how they have to use the device and you need something more functional for the user.
    3. The device is being used outside and you have environmental issues to contend with such as cold weather or rain.
    4. Your hardware is being used in an environment where safety is a concern
    5. You require a special case that will enhance the function of the device itself

System Wear can help solve your challenges by designing a custom case just for your organization. We take into consideration comfort issues, safety issues, environmental factors, how the device needs to function, etc...

I have posted 2 custom case designs that are linked to case studies, please take a look at how System Wear was able to provide some unique solutions for these two customers:

Quantum Aviation