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Atco Gas

Client’s Challenge:

In order to measure natural gas usage Atco employees walk around carrying a mobile meter reader through residential and business areas.

Over time 2 main challenges became apparent with the use of the G5 Itron mobile meter reader:

  1. There biggest issue they needed to deal with was the LCD screen freezing up in the winter. Atco is located in Alberta Canada and temperatures can get down to -30 to -40C in the winter. They would have to warm up the device in order to read the screen.
  2. The second issue they had was comfort. Many of the employees that read utility meters walk up to 20km a day. The device weighs 2-3lbs and over time carrying that device can become tiring. As well, they had issues with dog attacks and opening gates. On the job activities that required 2 hands were at times a challenge when carrying this large meter reading device.

Design Requirements:

After meeting with Atco and reviewing their challenges we identified the need for some type of heated case and a hands free option to carry the device.

System Wear’s Solution:

System Wear was able to solve Atco's issues with a custom case that provided the following solutions:

  1. We made a fully enclosed case with a flap that covered the LCD screen and had a pocket for a disposable heat pack. This was a simple solution that would provide heat to the screen for up to 6 hours. The screen cover could be removed when it was warmer.
  2. We made this case using our special Duraflex clip. The user could clip the case to their belt which allowed them to have 2 hands free while they were walking.
  3. Also the case was made with our durable fabric constructed with vinyl and high density foam which provides excellent protection to the device if it is dropped or bumped.