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McDonald’s Canada

Client’s Challenge

McDonald’s contacted System Wear looking for a custom solution for their Motorola PPT8800 device that they were using in their kitchens for inventory management and verifying food temperatures. They had three issues for us to consider when we designed a carrying case for them.

  1. Device Cleanliness: Theses devices were being used in the kitchen area where they tracked inventory as well as using a specialized thermometer that was attached to the bottom of the device allowing them to check accuracy of food temperature. Cleanliness of the device was identified as an issue.
  2. Loss and Damage: These devices were frequently being dropped while in use, banged around in the kitchen area and sometimes misplaced for extended periods of time all leading to high maintenance costs and work inefficiencies.
  3. Carrying in Comfort: The device came with a hand strap on the back but no other way to carry it so the user had to either set it down sometimes or have it strapped to their hand all day long. They wanted another option for carrying the device.

Design Requirements

After evaluating the challenges McDonald’s was having with these devices, System Wear developed a list of design requirements that the case had to meet in order to satisfy McDonald’s.

  1. The case had to stop the device from getting dirty and the case itself had to be cleanable.
  2. The case needed to protect the device if it was dropped and it needed to be designed with the ability to be fastened to the body when not in use to prevent loss.
  3. The case needed to be non-cumbersome and comfortable to carry around all day.

System Wear’s Solution

  1. System Wear has its own unique fabric combination. The outside fabric used was automotive grade vinyl. This material is very durable and easy to clean. McDonald’s could wipe down the cases as often as needed using soap or industrial strength type cleaners without breaking down the material down.
  2. We designed a case that enclosed the Symbol PPT 8800, by enclosing the device it helped provide much better drop protection (our specialized material using a closed cell high density foam). This material provided some added cushion for any bumps and drops along the way.
  3. System Wear designed the case with 2 carry options. The first was a hand strap on the back of the case to secure the device while in use. The second option was a belt clip. When they were done using the device they could attach it to their waist using the Krusell Spring clip. This clip allowed the user to comfortably carry the device at their waist and ensure they did not loose the device because it remained on them when not in use.
  4. Lastly we provided them with a guarantee that the case would last the life of the product. They wanted to make sure that they would not have to be replacing broken cases all the time. System Wear is so confident in the materials that we use that we can provide guarantees that our cases with last the lifetime of the device.