System Wear protective cases can be sanitized to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Quantum Aviation

Client’s Challenge

Quantum is an existing customer that turned to System Wear to create a specially designed case for a new device to be used by airport baggage handlers.

  1. Issue for the users is they need this device to be accessible at all times but not get in the way of the physical aspects of the job i.e. moving baggage.
  2. Quantum retains ownership of the hardware and leases the system. It’s in there best interest to have their customer protect the devices. The case would be incorporated as apart of the whole package to their customer.

Design Requirements

After evaluating the challenges Quantum was having with these devices, System Wear developed a list of design requirements that the case had to meet in order to satisfy their needs.

  1. Wanted a high visibility case
  2. Screen protection
  3. Branded with their company logo
  4. Shoulder strap that fulfills safety requirements
  5. Prevent device from swinging around users body

System Wear’s Solution

  1. To meet the high visibility needs we did 2 things:
    1. We took our standard high density foam material we use for all cases and laminated the top side with green high vis. material.
    2. We used 3M reflective tape on the case and shoulder strap.
  2. Designed case with a plastic screen cover. Providing protection from weather elements and possible minor damage to screen if it was bumped around.
  3. System Wear works with an excellent labelling company that designed a rubber label that we had sewn on the top front of the case. This provides the company with additional opportunity to brand themselves.
  4. Users of this device work around heavy machinery and conveyor belts. System Wear designed a safety tear away Velcro shoulder strap.
  5. The shoulder strap has a special clip that attaches to clothing and holds the shoulder strap in place stopping the mobile device from swinging back and forth around the body.