System Wear protective cases can be sanitized to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Carrying Cases with Broad Appeal

Thank you for taking the time to visit the System Wear Web site. We hope you find it helpful and informative, and more importantly, that you gain a better understanding of how System Wear products can bring value to your business operations.

The idea for System Wear came about as a result of my own personal need for a smart carrying case. As an avid runner, I was finding the challenge of transporting items such as water bottles and personal electronics to be awkward and cumbersome. I needed something that would serve a dual purpose—protect what I was carrying, and make my activity more functional and efficient.

I took on the challenge of designing cases that would meet these needs and provide me with solutions that were both durable and ergonomic. The end result was a variety of carrying cases that proved to have broad appeal and countless applications. Needless to say, the business expanded and we were soon offering carrying cases for mobile technology of all kinds.

I’m proud to say that System Wear is family owned and operated. This close-knit approach allows us to place a strong focus on customer service, particularly when it comes to customization. No situation is too unique for our design team. We take the time to carefully evaluate your needs and ultimately produce a product that responds to those needs effectively.

There’s one important distinction we like to make at System Wear—our cases are not to be thought of as accessories. Instead, they are an essential component of mobile technology. They are made to protect your investment and provide your employees with comfort and functionality. For these reasons alone, System Wear should not be an afterthought.

When it comes to protecting mobile technology, System Wear has you covered.

David Rudge

System Wear Ltd.