System Wear protective cases can be sanitized to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Scan 26: Zebra (Motorola/Symbol) MC9500-K

Compatible with these brands: Zebra for product

Clip Options

Case Options


Different accessory options provide a variety of alternatives for device management including; single belt loop, holster attachment and clips that do not require belts. Custom attachments can be produced for virtually any environment.


Standard offering for this case is Black. Customization for this product was the high visibility green material.

The case is ideal for a variety of environments including Policing and Security, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics and Transportation.

This case is designed using System Wear’s unique custom made high-density foam materials. This case design includes plastic screen cover, elastic hand-strap on back and includes a shoulder strap.


COVID-19 Sanitizing

All System Wear products can be sanitized using disinfectant wipes or solutions so that users can continue using phones and mobile computing devices with less worry about the transmission of viruses or bacteria.


How to Buy





  • Allows full access to all scanner functions while in case, protecting the scanner at all times.
  • Case can be carried using the supplied shoulder strap or the elastic handstrap on back of case. Both options permit easy usage and versatility.
  • Plastic screen cover to keep the screen dry
  • The ease of use encourages employees to keep the device with them at all times and prevents damage or loss.
  • Can be customized to specific environments, as can all other scanner case designs.