System Wear protective cases can be sanitized to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Duraflex Clip

Clip Options

This clip is ideal and recommended for the most rugged situations.

The Duraflex Mod-u-Lox is a two-piece clip consisting of a male and female part. The male part can be engaged in either a locking or non-locking fashion. This provides the extra security of a locking clip without sacrificing the convenience of one-handed access to devices.


COVID-19 Sanitizing

All System Wear products can be sanitized using disinfectant wipes or solutions so that users can continue using phones and mobile computing devices with less worry about the transmission of viruses or bacteria.


How to Buy



  • Exceptionally durable material, will not break (In 10 years of offering the Duraflex clip, there has not been a single reported case of breakage.)
  • Withstand very rugged working conditions like construction, field work, warehousing, and mining.